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Spend Matters Says: You Must Talk to CombineNet in 2013

CombineNet’s Advanced Sourcing Solution Named to Spend Matters List

CombineNet Named 1 of 5 Specialist Vendors You Must Talk to in 2013.

Spend Matters, the procurement and supply chain market’s leading news, research, and opinion publishing firm, named advanced sourcing solution provider CombineNet as one of the Five Specialist Vendors You Must Talk to in 2013. The short list of solution providers was created by Spend Matters to give procurement and finance organizations recommendations on innovative companies from whom they may learn something new and truly get inspired about what’s possible.

As author Jason Busch, founder and lead analyst of Spend Matters, writes:

"Everyone engaged in strategic procurement activities – from a CPO down to a category manager or analyst – will learn something that changes how they think about sourcing from talking to CombineNet."

CombineNet was the only sourcing solution provider named to the list, cited for its "revolutionary" approach to negotiation and supplier engagement, as facilitated by its advanced e-sourcing solution CombineNet ASAP® and e-sourcing best practices services. The reports credits CombineNet for its flexibility in bid collection, which CombineNet refers to as Expressive Bidding®, as well as its support for scenario building, rapid analysis, constraint-based award considerations, and diverse customer use cases across direct and indirect spend categories.

As the Spend Matters report states: "Here at Spend Matters PRO, we’re sold on the power of sourcing approaches that tap supplier expressiveness and creativity. And we believe CombineNet is the best candidate in a competitive market, which includes others such as Trade Extensions, BravoSolution, Emptoris, and Iasta to teach procurement users about the topic regardless of their level of sophistication. After this education period, procurement organizations can turn to the broader market to select the best technology partner – or partners, which is becoming an increasingly frequent state of affairs based on significant user overlap between customers of suite and ERP providers and specialist sourcing tools such as CombineNet."

Two reports are available from the Spend Matters’ PRO premium content site:*

Five Specialist Vendors You Must Talk to in 2013

Excerpt: The thought occurred to us to provide a listing of five providers that we think every procurement, accounts payable, and broader finance organization should talk to in 2013...We promise that if you spend a couple hours with these providers and see a demonstration of their capabilities that you will learn something you can apply directly to your organization.

Go to Spend Matters PRO to download.

5 Vendors to Talk to in 2013: CombineNet In-Depth Report

Excerpt: There are different ways of sourcing, some of which are arguably more powerful than others...It is our recommendation that all Spend Matters PRO readers engage CombineNet to learn about the diverse categories, use cases, and markets in which more creative sourcing approaches can be applied and the outcomes that such approaches enable.

Go to Spend Matters PRO to download.

*Spend Matters PRO content requires paid subscription access. These links will direct you to the Spend Matters PRO website, where existing subscribers can login or new subscribers can sign up. CombineNet has no authority or control over the Spend Matters PRO website, content, or subscription program.

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